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Kreddit is a universal crypto-based platform that provides a secure link for users to invest in bonds.

What are Bonds ?

Bonds are financial Assets that are given in form of loans to individuals/companies which are paid back with interest at the end of a particular Life Span.

So in a more simpler language, you can say that Kreddit is a company that securely links users with companies who are in need of loans and investors and in return get an interests for their money.

Now the next question you would ask is, “How does Kreddit make their money as a company since they are just a linkage between individuals and other Companies?

Kreddit takes a service charge per every transaction made on the system just like every other financial system using Binance and Roqqu as an instance.It is that simple

E.g: Company A is in need of a loan User B has a $100 he wishes to invest in companies like A, but has no clue on how to go about it. Then Kreddit comes to play and allows User B to pay Company A via its secure blockchain environment for a service fee. After the stated period, Company A also pays User B his interest via Kreddit’s secure blockchain environment and kreddit also takes a service charge.

That’s basically how this whole Kreddit system works.Very simple and fast.

Mode of payment on Kreddit

The mode of payment is in the stable coin BUSD (bsc) both for deposit and withdrawal. The entire system is automated and secured.There is no third party involvement in the transactions. Meaning there is no sending of coin/money to anyone or buying of coupon codes. Everything is being done on the system Automatically.

When was Kreddit launched

Kreddit was launched on November 202112:00pm UTC -4. Which is 5pm Nigeria Time, Get your team ready an be ready.

How to deposit funds into Kreddit

  1. Click on the top right corner on your Dashboard and tap Deposit funds
  2. Type in your desired amount and Deposit
  3. 2% Kreddit service charge will be automatically added along your deposit
  4. A payment page will pop up, copy the address Busd (bsc) and send from your preferred crypto wallet.
  5. After sending wait for at least 10 – 15mins, then funds will be automatically available in your Kreddit E-wallet Dashboard.

How to buy Bonds

  • Click on the top right menu and tap buy Bond.
  • Choose your desired sector and input amount you wish to purchase then click buy.
  • Done your interest will add up daily on your Dashboard.

Kreddit Referral Bonus

Earn 5.5% commission for every friend or prospect you invited into the system (Kreddit).

Earn 8% commission as an agent of

Referral Rank and Bonus

How to withdraw on Kreddit

Click on the Withdrawal button

Copy your Busd bep20 address from your preferred Crypto wallet and paste then input your desired amount.

Is Kreddit Legit Or Scam

Kreddit, According to Impactreview Kreddit is new platform and at this moment nothing can be decided because this is the first time a platform like Kreddit will exist, we just have to give it some time,sit back and understand them.

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