You are currently viewing Ebay Review-, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Ebay Review-, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Ebay is an internet based community of buyers and sellers come together to exchange products, services and deals. The Ebay trading is automated and provides auction services allowing sellers to list things and buyer to pick up their choices.

Ebay was established on September 1995 and is currently one of the largest trading platform providing for individual and corporate users.

Ebay has formed a diversified community with over 95million users across the globe including United States, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany etc.. and Ebay has been profitable since 1998 after stock listing on NASDAQ.

How does Ebay works

  1. When you Register into Ebay, You will receive N700 from the system.
  2. When someone Register’s under you through your referral link, you will receive N100.
  3. To earn more money, you will have to buy a Vip package.
  4. 1st package is N3,800 (Earn N140 daily).
  5. 2nd package is N21,000 (Earn N1050 daily).
  6. 3rd package is N70,000 (Earn 3,640 daily) etc.
  7. Ebay has up to 7 VIPs packages.

How to join Ebaywork

Follow process below to Register into Ebay;

Click- to Register.

Input your Email and Password then create account.

You will be directed to download the App

Download the app and login.

Note: Registration and earnings are free.

How do I earn on Ebay

To earn on Ebay;

  1. There are certain tasks to perform and earn through it
  2. You earn as a Affiliate member that’s bringing in new prospects into the system through your referral link.
  3. Building your team because on Ebay u earn both from your direct and indirect downlines.

How to withdraw on Ebay

Withdrawal are made one a day with a minimum of N4,200 on the free Vip, withdrawals are done within 48hrs on business day e.g Monday to Thursday only. Then from Friday, Saturday,Sunday will be processed on Monday.

Is Ebay legit or scam

According to impactreview, There’s is no negative comment again Ebay yet after going through some of their websites, Facebook and whatapp groups. Although since there is a free Vip package you have nothing to loose if you go into it and work towards the minimum withdrawal.

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