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How To Make Over 100k Monthly On Piggyvest, Redeem Referral Bonus, Save And Invest

Piggyvest (formerly is a simple app that helps you save and invest with ease. With PiggyVest, you can stop spending excessively and put away funds that you do not want to touch.

You can choose to save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) towards a specific target OR lock away funds for a specified period of time.

Piggyvest takes away the stress by combining simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable you to manage your finances better and achieve financial freedom.

Piggyvest was launched on January 2016, currently piggyvest has over 2.5 million customers managing their money better, avoiding over-spending and be more accountable.

How do I Register into Piggyvest

  • Visit the website or download the App to create an account.
  • Fill in your details correctly, full name, email, phone number, address, bvn, password etc. Note: Your name must be exactly as it’s in your bvn and bank account.
  • Set up your withdrawal account details; this is the bank account that funds you withdraw will get sent to.
  • Enter your debit card details to activate your account and then make your first deposit minimum of ₦100 (You may use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card from any Nigerian bank).
  • Yeah! You are done with the Registration.
  • You may now proceed to use any of the savings plans to start your daily, weekly or monthly savings.

How much can I start with on Piggyvest

You can only save between: N50 – N50,000 daily, N1000 – N200,000 weekly or N3,000 – N500,000 monthly. However, you can always top up your savings at any time using the Quicksave option which allows you to add up to N500,000 at once.

How safe is Piggyvest

All financial information is encrypted and stored to PCIDSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCIDSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry. Additionally, all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted 256-bit HTTPS SSL connection.

CEO of Piggyvest

Based on research Impactreview states that the CEO of Piggyvest is Odunayo Eweniyi is a Nigerian business executive and activist. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer PiggyVest and co founder of Feminist Coalition.

Does Piggyvest has an office

Yes! Piggyvest are located at Tesmot House, 3 Abdulrahman Okene Close, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Feature and benefit of Piggyvest

  1. Piggybank savings: This is the savings part you will be able to save consistently towards a particular financial goal. You can create a personal target or a Group savings challenge with your multiple users, save for your rent, vacation, a new gadget and even towards starting your new business with savings, and earn more money while at it! through their interest.
  2. Investify: This is a Piggyvest feature that allows users to earn more on their savings by investing in pre-vetted, low-medium risk, primary and secondary investment opportunities.
  3. SafeLock: Safelock is a fixed savings option that allows you to earn up to 15.5% per annum, usually paid up front, Your Safelock acts as your sub-account so that you can transfer and lock funds from your Piggybank wallet or your debit card for at least 10 days, without access to these funds until maturity, The SafeLock feature is one step further towards curbing the temptation to touch money that you have put aside as your savings.
  4. Flex Naira: A Flex Naira account is a flexible savings wallet where interests earned on all other PiggyVest wallets are paid.
  5. Flex Dollar: Flex Dollar is a feature that lets you save, invest and transfer funds in Dollars.
  6. Interests: Piggyvest offers certain percentage on customer savings, investment etc 8% per annum on Piggybank, Up to 13% per annum on SafeLock, 8% per annum on Target, 8% per annum on Flex, 7% per annum on Flex Dollar Up to 25% on Investify.

How to withdraw on Piggyvest

You need to have filled your bank details in your withdrawal settings then, click on the “withdraw” option on your dashboard, enter the amount you want to withdraw and your funds will be transferred to your set bank account on the free withdrawal day, Withdrawals made outside the free Withdrawal dates attract a 2.5% penalty fee of the withdrawal amount.

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your Piggyvest is N3000 and there is NO maximum. You can withdraw all of your funds whenever. However, fixed free withdrawal dates still apply.

Piggyvest affiliate and referal program

When someone signs up to Piggyvest using your referral link, you and the person you have referred each earn N1000, which is paid into your SafeLock. This matures to your flex account after 10days once the referred user is marked valid. As a new user, your bonus will be paid into your SafeLock and matures to your flex account 10 days after you have been marked valid. To Register click here.

How to be a valid user: To be considered valid, a new user must: Link their BVN and fund their Flex Naira wallet with at least ₦100 via a direct bank transfer to their flex account number Fund any other two wallets with at least #1000 each. This could be Piggybank, Safelock, or Target savings wallet.Once all of these have been done, referral bonuses will be unlocked and sent to your flex account at the maturity date.

How can I check my Referrals :To check the status of people you referred, login to your Piggyvest dashboard, select Account > Earn N1000 per invite > Click on each name to see if they’re valid.

Download Piggyvest mobile apps below

For Android users-

For iOS users-

For more information and guidance on Piggyvest Registration and how to go about it kindly Whatapp +2348155840142.

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  1. Yau Saad

    Don’t download and register
    Because all what they said is deceive
    I have 12 referrals and all of them they have deposited 200 in their Flex wallet but nothing was paid to me
    That is why I said is the act of deceiving

    1. Kingsolo

      You are getting it wrong.. when the person register he will add 100 or 200 naira to activate account.. then for the referral bonus he/she must fund1k and above for he or she to be a valid member of Piggyvest

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