You are currently viewing Cashflow Review- Online Earning Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Cashflow Review- Online Earning Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Cashflow provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for Learning and Earning (I.e Having skills and making passive income).

Cashflow was Launched on 7th July 2021.

who can be a member of cashflow

Generally, anyone can be a member on Cash flow as all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform your daily tasks on our platform.

How much is cashflow Registration fee

You need a token of #2,000 only to get onboard and start earning on cashflow.

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How to Register into cashflow

Signup is pretty easy. Follow the step below to get started

  • I. On the website click on the Get coupon.
  • II. Contact one the coupon vendors to get a coupon code
  • III. After getting the coupon proceed to the site to complete your registration
  • IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details
  • V. After a successful registration you get an email confirmation message
  • Vi. Then login with email or username and password.

Steps on how to share sponsored post

  • 1. Click on sponsored post for the day I.e sponsored post for 5th of July 2021
  • 2. Download the image on the page
  • 3. Copy the text on the post
  • 4. Post the image with the text on any social media platforms {Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram/Instagram}
  • 5. Finally go back to the sponsored post on the site and click the click to earn button.

How to earn on cashflow

  1. Registration fee #2000
  2. Welcome bonus #1000
  3. Referral bonus #1300
  4. Daily login bonus #100
  5. Sharing of Sponsored post #200

how do i register my prospects into cashflow

Contact any of the code distributors on the site to get registration code, then go to your dashboard/profile, copy your referral link, logout and paste it in your browser, once it’s loaded clear your username and password then input that of your prospect, fill in other details and click on register.

can i get paid without referral

Referral is completely optional on Cashflow

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withdrawal days on cashflow

Withdrawal process for Activity Earners are as follows 10,000 Cashflow Activity Points (CAPS) anytime they earn up to 10,000 Caps they are eligible to withdraw.

There’s no Withdrawal Date For Affiliate Earners also known as YouEarners on cashflow Withdrawal is daily.

Proofs of Registration & cashouts from cashflow

Is Cashflow legit or scam

Cashflow has been growing rapidly immediately after launched, with the push coming in from high ranked personals & Whatapp TV’s.

Cashflow is a fresh platform, It won’t be a bad idea if u join because cashflow has a huge potential.

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