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5 Social Media Engagement Hacks, Strategies And Tips

Bussiness Tips on how you can improve your reach to your Audience;

Hack No1 Posting Consistently

Posting Consistently is Non-negotiable, so if you haven’t been posting consistently it is killing your organic reach.

The social media networks actually rewards you for posting consistently so that means the more you post the more they go viral like Ads for free.

If your struggling to post consistently here is a social media tool called Monthly Marketing Solve, so if you don’t have time to create graphics and you don’t know what or when to post, monthly marketing solve gives you marketing calendar for you to schedule and also gives contents and graphic accordingly to your search.

Hack No2 Engage First

Engage first means the social media network knows you and they know you are one of those passive scrollers, you see everything but you don’t like, comment or even share.

So this part when you publish a post people aren’t going to engage because they think you won’t engage back, so they will see no reason to interact with your post.

When you post a content give it 10-15mins then go to the comments box and start engaging with those who like and comment by greetings, showing appreciation, taging, stickers etc.

Hack No3 Ninja hack

Ninja hack is a new program whereby your engagers gets notify by the social media for a recent post of yours and can only be achieved by been friends, liking, commenting, sharing etc that’s full engagement.

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Hack No4 follow the follow technique

Follow the follow technique is a means of growing your followers on social media either it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.. it works perfectly fine in improving your Audience.

This part help your to explore and attract new daily visitors to your profile and joining any social media followers growth group helps .. E.g Whatapp,Telegram, Facebook groups etc

Hack No5 Dertamination towards the growth

Dertamination is the act of coming to a decision or of fixing and settling for a purpose.

This part is where you stay focused, dertamind, hardworking etc… Building a page or putting an audience together isn’t a day job it’s requires faith..

Note: Slow and steady wins the race.

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