You are currently viewing Legend Reward Review- 50% ROI Investment Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam

Legend Reward Review- 50% ROI Investment Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam

Legend Reward is an investment platform that is envisioned with; Real Estate Services, Investment Research, Forex and Trading Activities, Crypto and DeFi Trading. This is channeled towards the growth and development of their subscribers’ businesses as our major aim.

about Legend Reward investment

  • Security: Our platform has been built on a security-friendly level and one way of serving you better is that none of your packages are tampered with. All you need do is trust us when we tell you your packages on our platform are safe and secure
  • Flexibility: We do not offer daily tasks to our investors, thus, investing with us comes with lesser stress. You don’t have to login every to perform task, all you need to do is invest and let your money do the work.
  • Availability: We are live 24/7 to attend to our investors.
  • Professional Staffs
  • Our group of highly trained support staffs are always available to offer help, technical support and insights on our processes at any time.

Legend Reward available packages

Legend Reward has 9 Investment packages;

  1. Copper: ₦5,000 to get ₦7,500 (20days)
  2. Bronze: ₦10,000 to get ₦15,000 ( 20days)
  3. Silver: ₦15,000 to get ₦22,500 (20days)
  4. Silicon: ₦20,000 to get ₦30,000 (20days)
  5. Gold: ₦30,000 to get ₦45,000 (20days)
  6. Diamond: ₦50,000 to get ₦75,000 (20days)
  7. Jewel: ₦70,000 to get ₦105,000 (20days)
  8. Pearl: ₦100,000 to get ₦150,000 (20days)
  9. Ruby: ₦200,000 to get ₦300,000 (20days)

5% Interest as Referal Bonuses in all packages

How to Register Into Legend Reward

  • Kindly visit
  • Go to the Vendor page here
  • Choose a vendor, make payment for interested plan, copy code and return to website
  • Then Tap on Register, Fill in details correctly and you have successfully become a member.

How to withdraw from Legend Reward

Withdrawals are processed within 6-12 hours upon applying for withdrawals with zero withdrawal charges.You can withdraw your referral earnings every day with minimum of 1,000. While your roi + capital will be after a period of 20days.

Legend Reward Domain Status


Created on: June 13, 2021

Expires on: June 13, 2022

Who is the CEO of Legend Reward

Based on researches carried out, Impactreviews has no information about whom the CEO of Legend reward is, neither was it stated on their website also.

Is Legend Reward Legit Or Scam

Legend Reward was Launched on the 1st of July 2021, a newly launched platform but the 50% ROI in 20days doesn’t sound cool… Based on fallen platforms with 50% .. in 30days they didn’t keep the stand.

Note: Every investment platform is a Potential Ponzi scheme… Invest wisely.

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