You are currently viewing Starfliix Review- How Does Starfliix Work, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Starfliix Review- How Does Starfliix Work, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Starfliix is a blog design by well oriented and experienced forex trader, cryptocurrency trader and affiliate marketer to educate the youth and civil servants with their resources, knowledge on how to use the internet to generate passive income of upto 100k to 300k.

How Does Starfliix Works

  • Sign up bonus- ₦1000
  • Daily login- ₦100
  • Sponsored post- ₦200
  • Reading of news- ₦10
  • Referral bonus ₦1200
  • Registration fee ₦2000

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Who can be a member of Starfliix

Anybody can be Starfliix member if he/she is ready to make money online and all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you to access the site and perform your daily tasks on the website.

How to earn on Starfliix

There are two types of earning on Starfliix;

  • Activity Earning: This is whereby you earn by performing tasks daily.
  • Affiliate Earning: This is where you earn by referring friends and contacts into the platform.

Can I get without Referral

Referral earners can withdraw anytime anyday with a minimum of 3 referral. Activities earners can withdraw and get paid every ,27th of the month with a minimum of 10,000 Activities withdrawal form will be open 7am to 7:45am.

Requirement needed to join Starfliix

  • A smart phone
  • Access to internet
  • About 30mins or less per day
  • A social media account to share sponsored post
  • Bank account to withdraw your money

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How to Register Into Starfliix

  1. Kindly Click-
  2. Purchase a coupon code from code Agents
  3. Then Register correctly with Name,Phone number,Emails etc.

CEO of Starfliix

Accordingly to Impactreviews, The CEO of Starfliix is Tijani Adejumo An Entrepreneur. Etc..

Starfliix Domain Information

Registered On:2021-05-29

Expires On:2022-05-29

Is Starfliix Legit Or Scam

In conclusion, Starfliix was Launched on June 1 2021 and of writing this article Starfliix is still fresh, there is more time to explore…so Starfliix can’t be judged now till further notice… although this article will be updated and keep you posted.

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