You are currently viewing Payarena Review- Online Earning And Advertising Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now !!!

Payarena Review- Online Earning And Advertising Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now !!!

Payarena is an Affiliate Program established by professional affiliate entrepreneurs with the vision of helping thousands of people using the platform to become financially stable and independent.

Payarena is a news reading and online advertising platform, we help individuals to make money online via our website and also advertise your products to our large audience, Monthly revenue earned from google adsense advertising company are shared equally among users.

How Does Payarena Works

Payarena affiliate earning (pae): To become a verified member and earner on Payarena, we have two (2) Registration package: Basic plan ₦2000 Belleful plan ₦3,000, Select your preferred registration package to join the platform.

How To Earn On Payarena

  1. Daily login on basic plan: You earn 100(PAE Locus) when you login to your dashboard daily.
  2. Daily login on Belleful plan: You earn 150 (PAE Locus) when you login to your dashboard daily.
  3. View / Reading: You earn 10(PAE Locus) on each latest post you read.
  4. News updates and trends are unlimited, so the more you read the more your locus earnings increases.
  5. Sponsored post: A daily post is assigned to our members in their dashboard to share on their whatsapp timeline daily. For sharing daily,you earn some locus for performing the activities, basic plan : you earn 250(PAE Locus)On belleful plan: you earn 300(PAE Locus).
  6. Vtu airtime and Data recharge: This is a value added services for our users. It is an optional service which involve using your Referral, Activities Locus(earned from reading news update) with at least a minimum of 3000 Locus to qualify in purchasing Airtime or Data directly to your phone number. You get credited instantly after approval.
  7. Skills acquisitions: When you register as a member, you get to acquire skills that can change your financial status positively. You can gain access to this skills by clicking the preferred skills you wish to apply for in your dashboard and immediately join the class to commence learning.
  8. Non Affiliate Earnings: The Non Referrals earners are paid on the 29th of the month after accumulating atleast 15000 locus. KINDLY NOTE that the locus earned on website activities is not in NAIRA, we payout in local currency or crypto coin after converting the locus to money. The Activity earnings payment is based on higher locus point.. this means users with high activity earnings will firstly be considered for payment.

How To Share Sponsored Post On Payarena

  • 1. Login into your payarena account
  • 2. Click Sponsored Post on your account dashboard
  • 3. Save the Image and Copy the Caption available for sponsored post of the day.
  • 4. Go to your Facebook Timeline to share the Image with the caption.
  • 5. Return to your payarena dashboard after sharing the Sponsored Post of the day to earn.

Payarena Referal Bonus

As an Affiliate Earner on Basic plan : you earn 65 percent on each user you introduce into the platform. If you introduce one user you would earn #1300.

On Belleful plan : you earn 60 percent on each user you introduce into the platform. You earn #1800 on each user introduced into the platform.

How To Register Into Payarena

  • kindly Click on
  • Chat up a Coupon vendor make payment to the account details you will be given, a code will be sent to you after verification of payment
  • Click on the Register button and fill in your details correctly.

Payarena Domain Information


Registered On:2020-10-17

Expires On:2021-10-17

Who Is The CEO Of Payarena

Impactreviews has no information about whom the CEO of Payarena is currently.

Is Payarena Legit Or Scam

Payarena was Launched on October 2020 and are currently still paying although, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever… It is Centralized and can eventually break down.

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