You are currently viewing Supermatrix Review- 100% Decentralized Matrix Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Supermatrix Review- 100% Decentralized Matrix Platform, Find Out If Legit Or Scam Now!!!

Supermatrix is a smart contract technology that allows users to directly engage in personal and business transactions.

It was launched on July 8th, 2021 on the Smartchain Blockchain.

Why binance smartchain

There are many exciting networks, but not all of them are popular enough and well developed.

Reasons why we choose smartchain network;

  1. Excellent bandwidth
  2. Low fees
  3. Growing popularity
  4. Impeccable reputation

what is a smart contract

Smart contract are Decentralized networking system programmed on blockchain technology. They are the most secured contract of the decade.

They don’t require human interference to operate, neither be hack, delete or manipulated. They exist like that for life.They are similar to java program, the games we play on our mobile.

Advantages of smart contract

  • They are decentralized, no human interference
  • Powered with top security, no fear for hack, delete or manipulation.
  • The system holds no fund.
  • All transaction are from the member to members from downline to upline.


How does Supermatrix smart contract works

In the Supermatrix X3 and x4 Program below there’s three places below in the first line and 4places in the second.

Supermatrix is a fair, economically sound system, without any deadlines for slots with a limited number of place and unlimited number of recycles.

How x3 and x4 Slots works

In each of this two programs, they both have 12slots, both are similar and works the same way.

X3 slot: all partners in this slots are your direct personal Downlines when invited.

The first referal takes place under you, whereby you gets 100% payout to your wallet.

The second referal takes the second place under you, which the 100% payout goes to your wallet.

The third referal recycles you to keep on earning.

X4 slot: this part is where the Spillovers and Overflow occurs

About Supermatrix upgrade

Upgrading is the opening of new slots more expensive than the previous level. It’s done once and the payment goes to the superior if he/she has a level on that slot.

Failing to upgrade at required time leads to miss profit and upgrading ahead give extra profit from exact amount you are to earn.

overflows, spillovers and overtaking in Supermatrix

You can overtake your superior/upline by opening more slots ahead of him, that’s upgrading.

In this case you will be above him/her and get most of his or her profits.

Spillovers are profits gotten from downlines during upgrade and recycles why overflows are gotten from uplines when there’s more inflows and if your ahead of them in slots.


Wallets to be used on Supermatrix smart contract

  1. Trust wallet- Click here to Download once done, create an account then Keep 12 words safe once losted there is no retrieval.
  2. Token pocket- Click here to download once done create account also, this wallet are mainly recommended for iOS users who are unable to use Trust wallet.

How to Register into Supermatrix smart contract

  • Download trust wallet or token pocket on ur mobile phone
  • Get it funded with at least 0.009 Bnb smartchain.
  • Which worth $4 – 5$
  • Get the referral link from ur sponsor click here
  • follow the registration instruction given to you.
  • Don’t know where or how to purchase your bnb kindly click here to buy.

How do I earn on Supermatrix

On Supermatrix you earn in 3 ways

  • 1. Refferals: This is when you invite people to join Super-Matrix with your refferal link and you get paid instantly for the level they register and buy accordingly
  • 2. Spillovers: Spillovers are bonuses distributed to members of the team when there are lots of new recruit or new prospects joining the team, in order words a team which is not reffering or bringing in new people cannot generate spillovers.
  • 3. Overflows: Overflow are bonuses you get when someone has earned a cycle on a level and refuse to upgrade to the next level, when this happens the person who refuses to upgrade misses his profit and it goes to the uplines above as overflow There’s no way you’ll join under our team and you won’t be earning and motivated to refer as well unless you don’t want money because you have plenty. If you know you want to make up to $50,000(N20,000,000) from Super-Matrix then there’s nothing that will ever stop you. It’s all about mindset and determination to make money.


Is Supermatrix legit or scam

Supermatrix is 100% legit and totally similar to Forsage, Supermatrix is a long-term networking program which cannot crash or be hacked and also very affordable.. so there’s no reason to resist this wonderful opportunity and also supermatrix is the only solution to accumulate unlimited bnb.

Proofs of earnings on Supermatrix

390 dollars earned on super matrix without any referal.   That is about 195,000 in naira, that is the power of joining a strong team like ours, and upgrading levels on x4
$71 with zero Referrals… Common they don’t have 2 heads naa …. U can do better … Registration is a one time fee of 1,700 only … Grab this opportunity now..

$363 Bagged within 6 days …. with a One time fee of ₦1,700 .. 😅 .. some said smart contract is ponzi .. after explaining .. I just felt like appearing in front of the person with nail and hammer .. but nope .. I kept grinding .. Never give up .. always set ur Target 🎯… Well if ur ready with ur ₦1,700 or u already have Bnb.. kindly Dm no much talks .. 😎.. Get on board first.. nobody knows if a business is going to be successful.. only when he or she starts the business… ✅

Do u know that with a one time fee of 3-4$ (#1,700) u can make over $200 in a Week? Supermatrix the best and most affordable smart contract … With it’s fast growing community .. can help u achieve that .. if only your ready to work smart and be consistant… .. This is a very great opportunity to earn big… Kindly click here Whatapp Group if interested in joining Supermatrix smart contract.

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