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Farmnow Review- Agricultural Investment, How Does It Works

Farmnow is an agriculture investment platform that focuses on providing investment opportunities for the Nigeria middle-class while empowering rural farmers across the country by investing in viable food crop cultivation.

Farmnow is made up of young business executives and agric professionals with a shared passion of creating a sustainable agricultural food production ecosystem. Farmnow brings together the various disjointed units of the food production system in Nigeria to create a more efficient system that consolidate our food security whilst providing optimal returns on investment for all stakeholders.

What is Farmnow business model?

Farmnow business model is made up of three parties (The sponsor, the farmer and Farmnow Nigeria – us). We offer digital platform where we connect sponsors (who provide the capital to fund the cultivation of a crop) to farmers (who provide the farm land and man power to cultivate the crops).At the end of crop cycle, profit is distributed among-st these 3 parties. In this business model, shared responsibility reduce losses, improve efficiency and effectiveness of operation.

Farmnow Investment Options

  • Cassava farm- Earn 35% in 9months, Ogun state.
  • Ajegunle farm- Earn 25% in 5months, Lagos State.
  • Pig farm- Earn 40% in 9months, Ogun state …. etc.

How do I join?

  • Joining is very simple.
  • Click on the “Register” button at the top of our website to register.
  • Fill in your details to create your account.
  • Go to the “farms” page to choose a farm you wish to sponsor.
  • Select the number of farm units you want to sponsor and click on “sponsor farm”
  • Click your shopping cart at the top of the website to review your order
  • Click checkout
  • Supply your details including your bank account details
  • Pay for your order

Features of Farmnow

1. Selection: We partner with farming communities to have access to a large number of farms in rural areas. Using data from our field operatives we select the most viable farms for sponsorship.

2. Budgeting: We draw up a budget to cultivate certain crops based on the current farming season. The total cost to cultivate each crop is offered as farm units to be “sponsored” by intending investors.

3. Funding: Money raised from sponsors is used to provide cultivation capital and insurance cover for the farms. We provide seeds, machinery, fertilizers, irrigation and any logistics needed.

4. Returns: Through our network of domestic farm produce buyers, harvests are swiftly sold. Farmers are paid what is due in their contracts and investors are paid back their capital and agreed returns.

Who is the CEO of Farmnow Agricultural Investment

Accordingly to Farmnow website, Samson Odegbami is the Founder and CEO of Farmnow.

Farmnow Customer Contact Service

Address: Off Chief Wale Egunleti StreetMegamound BuildingIbara GRA, Abeokuta.

Phone & Email : +2349150000200 +2349151000200

Can I withdraw my investment before term?

Each of our farms has fixed farm cycle period. This is determined by taking into congisance the maturity/gestation period for the crops/livestock on each farm. As it is virtually impossible to interrupt the growth life cycle of crop or livestock before maturity. Therefore, we will not be able to terminate the contract. However, at the end of farm cycle, sponsor shall receive initial investment and return after harvest, the decision to re-sponsor another farm or otherwise, is entirely sponsor’s decision.

Are the farms insured? Is my investment safe?

Yes. Every farm unit sponsorship is insured. Our insurance partner is Leadway Assurance PLC. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, you will get full refund of your capital. Note that the insurance covers your initial investment not after harvest profit.

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